Pierre-Louis Costes wins 2017 Arica Chilean Challenge

July 10, 2017 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: he finally won the Arica Chilean Challenge | Photo: Perez/APB

Pierre-Louis Costes claimed the 2017 Arica Chilean Challenge, in Chile.

The French backflipper returned to competition in great style boosted by spectacular six-to-ten-foot waves. After attending his son's birth in Portugal, Costes smashed the event and got back in the world title race.

In the quarterfinals, Costes showed total commitment to the sport by attempting to land a 720.

The final had four riders from three continents - Alan Munoz, Roberto Bruno, Iain Campbell, and Pierre-Louis Costes. Despite his opponents' attacks, the French bodyboarder found a perfect left-hand gem that allowed him a triple combination of tricks - tube ride, el rollo, and air.

With a 9.50 score in the pocket, Costes controlled the second half of the heat and later sealed the deal with a 7.75-point wave.

"I'm delighted. It is very important to win here. This is an event that I have always wanted to win because Arica is one of the main contests in the world. Today is a very special day for me because I accomplished a lifelong dream," said Pierre-Louis Costes.

"Arica has the most consistent wave of the World Tour. We know that when we are here, we will have world-class waves, so I am thrilled for winning this title."

2017 Arica Chilean Challenge | Final

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 17.25
2. Roberto Bruno (BRA) 15.00
3. Alan Munoz (CHI) 11.75
4. Iain Campbell (RSA) 11.40

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