RIP 3: the third installment by Drag Board Co.

"In the year 2021, a new virus is discovered. By the time control measures are implemented, it is already too late."

"Despite Humanity's best efforts, the virus cannot be stopped. The chosen few survivors awaken to a new world, one of pure unbridled drag essence."

Fueled by a global pandemic that hit the world in 2020, Drag Board Co. is back with its successful video series - RIP (Rest In Pits).

While the planet struggled to fight the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the art of riding waves in the most unorthodox ways found a whole new stage to express itself.

People were arrested for getting to the beach; wave riders were detained for paddling out. Nothing made sense in our lives.

But while mental health levels were at an all-time low, the new virus that appeared on the horizon added a new meaning to the concept of infection.

"RIP 3 - Drag Board Co-Vid" is the opposite of a blank canvas.

Actually, it's a giant, colorful painting full of multi-layer patterns, textures, and materials that pay homage to free bodyboarding, softboard surfing, and all possible forms of riding a wave.

It's an ode to having fun doing stupid, dangerous, and yet extremely healthy out-of-the-context things that only make sense in the actual context the world is living in as of 2021.

Rest In Pits 3: a new bodyboarding virus is spreading throughout the world

Ride Everything

There's prone, drop-knee and stand-up bodyboarding.

And kneeboarding and bodyboarding on surfboards - never tried or seen before acrobatic stunts, new tricks, and revolutionary maneuvers.

"RIP 3" is an ode to doing what you please - having fun, showing off, or simply trying completely different approaches to swells and moving waters.

The 59-minute movie contains the best and worst of the human being.

Simultaneously, it keeps you entertained with its countless collection of wipeouts, splendid rides, kooks, weekend warriors, and pro moves.

There's even a world surfing champion getting barreled on a bodyboard.

You'll feel that everything is simple and complex at the same time, a sign that you've probably been infected by this new 2021 virus.

The symptoms worsen over time as freak waves, firing backwash, summer rollers, and high-resolution and pixelated clips enter through your retina.

"RIP 3" is a very real LSD trip into bodyboarding's new dimension brought to you by men who drag openly across unbroken waves.

RIP 3: why not bodyboarding on soft-top surfboards?

Life Is Golden

Your host? Meet the "Soft Lord," the guru of meditative bodyboarding. He'll tell you how to dive into the depths of the mind.

And it is also a place for everyone and everything - old and young riders and alternative uses for bodyboards and leashes.

After all, life and freedom are all about perspective. One day, you're alive and healthy, and the next day, it's all over.

"RIP 3" is a reminder that there's always a reason for the golden opportunity we've been given.

It's an ode to the past, present, and future of the sport wrapped in a 1990s layer of sound with tunes for all tastes.

The film features Mitch Coleborn, Wade Goodall, Tom Rigby, Greg Former, Dallas Singer, Chippa Wilson, and many others.

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