Bodyboarding Archives: a vintage boogie movie channel available on YouTube

The unknown author of a YouTube Channel entitled "Bodyboarding Archives" is uploading gems of 1990s bodyboarding.

The majority of the flicks were released on VHS and DVD and have never seen the light of streaming and video-sharing platforms.

The owner of the analog tapes and first-generation DVDs is dedicating his or her time to converting a private collection of VHS to digital files.

"Bodyboarding Archives" is a nostalgia overload that keeps the classic boogie memories alive and above the surface.

"I want to keep the stoke alive and show my appreciation for the talented riders and filmmakers!" the anonymous says in his YouTube channel presentation.

"New videos are added regularly to feast your visual and audio senses on! One hundred percent of the credit goes to the filmmakers, directors, and riders!"

"Bodyboarding Archives" is sharing some of the best bodyboard movies of all time.

Expect hundreds of hours of cranking footage featuring the stars and the legends of the early days.

You'll relive the essence of bodyboarding as envisioned by Tom Morey and witness some of the most epic bodyboard cinematography ever produced.

Get ready to maximize your browser's window and turn the volume up for some blasting soundtracks. It's sponge flick time.

Bodyboarding Archives | Uploaded Movies

  • $ High Rollers
  • Ballistic - Underground Tapes (Chris Stroh)
  • Beyond (James Wise/Ian Stewart, 2001)
  • Death or Glory
  • Elevation (Thomas, Schmitt, 2001)
  • Fire (Mike Stewart/Scott Carter)
  • Fresh (2000)
  • Fuel - Underground Tapes (Chris Stroh)
  • Perspectives (Andy Lawrence)
  • ROT - Matter of Opinion (Sean Manning)
  • ROT 4 (1997)
  • Raw - Repertoire of Aquatic Warfare (Tim Bonython)
  • Raw 2 (Tim Bonython)
  • Rush - Class of 99
  • Rush - Volume 3
  • Rush - Volume 8
  • Rush - Volume 9
  • Rush Junior High (1999)
  • Supastars (Andy Lawrence)
  • Surphytum 1 (Ian Stewart)
  • Surphytum 2 (Ian Stewart)
  • Tension 4
  • Tension 5 (2003)
  • The Bomb (Ian Stewart)
  • Under Exposed
  • Visions 2.5 (Kenny Willis)
  • Warped - Underground Tapes (Chris Stroh)
  • Water Works (Andy Lawrence, 2000)

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