The stellar year of Pierre-Louis Costes

December 26, 2016 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: getting barreled at El Fronton | Photo: APB

Pierre-Louis Costes is probably the best bodyboarder in the world right now. The French rider won the 2016 APB World Tour and returned to the top spot five years after winning his first world title.

"Chasing Thrones," a short documentary released by APB, summarizes Pierre-Louis' 2016 route to victory in a highly competitive environment, and in challenging waves.

"My number one goal when I first started bodyboarding was just to go to Hawaii, and eventually compete in the Pipeline Pro against the world's best riders," explains Pierre-Louis Costes.

Dreams have become a reality, but the 26-year-old rider ended up doing much better. Today, Costes is a two-time world bodyboarding champion, and he is not holding back.

Pierre-Louis was born in Vichy, France. He got his first bodyboard when he was nine years old, and started riding waves in Morocco. Costes went on to win multiple national and European titles. His first APB World Tour title came in 2011.

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