Paragliding: kites, please stay away | Photo: Derek Lee/Creative Commons

Kiteboarding and paragliding have a few things in common, but accidents do happen between them as well. In this case, the magnetism was too powerful and obvious.

Learning how a kite flies is valid for kiteboarders and paragliders. After understanding how to master the art of flight, you need to learn the right of way rules. Otherwise, accidents will happen, sooner or later.

In this particular example, you will witness two sports enthusiasts that may have gone too far. We can't understand if they're friends playing around, or if they simply feel abnormally attracted to danger.

The wind appears to be blowing strong. The kiteboarder is riding over what seems to be a frozen lake in Canada. The paraglider keeps his wing close to the grassy slope.

Suddenly, both riders converge the same area. In a matter of seconds, their control lines get tangled, and they are spit into the ground. Have we learned a lesson? Yes. If you're riding a kite or any other type of wing, keep a safe distance from others.

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