Bruno Sroka completes kite cross between France and Ireland

July 19, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Bruno Sroka: somewhere in the Celtic Sea

Bruno Sroka has successfuly completed a 240 nautical mile (444 kilometers) kite cross between the French village of Aber Wrac'h and Irish town of Crosshaven.

Sroka, 37, sailed for 17 hours through the Celtic Sea in the first of three challenges that will take gradually take him to cross Mediterranean Sea (2014) and the Atlantic Ocean (2015).

The French kitesurfer launched his kite at 6.20am, in the sands of Aber Wrac'h beach, in France. At 11am, Bruno Sroka had completed one-third of the journey.

Fortunately, Sroka enjoyed stable winds throughout his challenge. At 22.40pm, the intrepid wind rider completed the kite cross between Brittany and the Bay of Cork, in Ireland. Party time.

When he was only 10 miles away from completing the journey, winds got very light but Bruno was able to sail through the finish line. The next goal is the Mediterranean Sea, in 2014.