How to do a back roll to toeside

Back roll to toeside: a standard back roll with an extra 180-degree front side rotation | Photo: Red Bull

Learn how to perform and land a back roll 540, also known as back roll to toeside.

In kiteboarding, the back roll 540 is nothing more than the regular back roll with an extra 180-degree frontside rotation.

You can do it hooked or unhooked, depending on your experience level.

The trick is to approach the maneuver with added speed, the kite at around 11 o'clock, and your hands close together in the center of the control bar.

You should only try the back roll if you're familiar with standard hooked and unhooked back rolls.

Otherwise, you may crash and hurt yourself.

Back Roll to Toeside 101

Ready to land your first back roll to the toeside? Here's how to do it:

  1. Gain speed;
  2. Pop higher than in a regular back roll, and bring your front foot into the wind;
  3. Rotate your head and keep your body bent all the time;
  4. Spot your landing, and pull the front hand to the back hip for the extra 180 degrees;
  5. Pull the kite down, bend your knees, and prepare to absorb the landing impact;
  6. Land toeside downwind and keep your weight over the back leg;