Leyton Harris: he invented bar boarding

Two years ago, when SurferToday introduced the "crazy kitesurfing kid" to the world.

Today, Leyton Harris is no longer a toddler - he's become an accomplished "bar boarder" with an innovative bag of tricks for the sport he invented.

Leyton's father - Vaughan - is not only proud of his son's ability, but he also thinks that the youngster can set a good example for present and future parents.

And that is particularly relevant, having in mind that Generation Z children were born surrounded by technology and low levels of outdoor play.

Leyton is seven years old. He is the pioneer of bar boarding, a sport that blends kitesurfing and skateboarding and that can be enjoyed in a small space.

"This kid has progressed a lot. He is now starting a vlog, to teach other kids this insane sport that he has developed," Vaughan Harris tells SurferToday.

"Leyton wants to show people out there that core strength is a fundamental development for a child of the torso muscles that stabilize, align the body."

Building Core Strength

It's quite impressive how Leyton manages to move, rotate and work with the skateboard while hanging from the kite bar.

"Building strong core strength is like building a strong foundation for your child, and we can now start preparing our future kids for this awesome sport."

"And, without a doubt, he is pulling some new moves that I hope to see on the circuit one day," concludes Harris.

According to his dad, Leyton has named a few of his tricks. There's, for example, the tarzan 720, spiderman board grab, monkey c monkey do, the ninja kick, and the nutcracker.

The introduction to bar boarding includes safety tips, a warm-up session, an endless spinning demo, and a highly creative collection of next-level tricks and maneuvers.

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