Kitesurfing accidents keep spreading injuries

February 21, 2012 | Kiteboarding
County Line Beach: beware of rocks and winds

Kitesurfing accidents continue to storm the sport's safety credibility. In West Palm Beach, Florida, a kitesurfer has hit a building on North Australian Avenue, near a mental-health facility.

The unidentified kitesurfer was enjoying a ride in Lake Mangonia, in 15mph wind conditions with gusts of 30mph, when he suddenly suffered the accident. He was treated at St. Mary's Medical Center after complaining of a pain in the side.

In Los Angeles, on the opposite US coast, a 30-year-old kitesurfer was rescued half-mile offshore County Line Beach, Malibu. Local authorities believe the rider was pushed by strong winds.

"We received a call that a kite surfer was in distress, the winds had turned directly offshore and he was turning away from the coastline," said John Larson, Captain of the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Headquarters.

The rescue took 30 minutes and was a coordinated effort between the Ventura County Fire Department and Los Angeles County Lifeguards. They used a jet ski to get the kitesurfer safe to shore, despite the harsh weather conditions.

Accidents with kitesurfers are still very frequent. There are reports of kitesurfers in distress, every week, in all regions of the globe. Make sure you're not defying Nature. Do not go riding alone and respect the kite rules.

Before hitting the water, confirm the wind speed and direction forecast for your spot.