Lewis Crathern jumps over the Brighton Pier

November 12, 2010 | Kiteboarding
Lewis Crathern: watch out, mate | Photo: Martyn Wells

Lewis Crathern has done it again. The intrepid kitesurfer jumped over the Brighton Pier in the United Kingdom, one year after leaping over the Worthing Pier.

The stuntman has prepared everything and, again, there were no problems.

It was 4 pm when Crathern got the best winds and waves to attempt the second dangerous challenge.

He had to navigate two hours before deciding to leave the choppy waters and head for the sky.

"Brighton was a bit more difficult than Worthing because the pier is a lot higher," Crathern told reporters.

"But I got a huge wave and went for it. I felt safe. I would never attempt these things if I weren't 100 percent safe."

Lewis Crathern is 25 years old and is a former British kitesurfing champion.

Do not try to imitate this jump. This is a dangerous move and was performed by an experienced kitesurfer.

What will he do next? The London Bridge?