Maxime Nocher claims first International Kitefoil Speed

July 23, 2014 | Kiteboarding
International Kitefoil Speed: Alex Caizergues leads the fleet | Photo: Mythicobjects France

Maxime Nocher and Alexia Fancelli were the fastest kiteboarders at the International Kitefoil Speed 2014 competition, held in Port-Saint-Louis, in France.

Foil kiteboarding is gaining momentum, and sailors have been making experiments on the new kite class. The French event was organized by Alex Caizergues, the fastest kiteboarder on Planet Earth.

The rules were quite simple: set the fastest speed record over a 500-meter race course. Maxime Nocher reached 33.40 knots, while Alexia Fancelli accelerated to 24.52 knots to claim the Men and Women divisions, respectively.

All sailors were equipped with GPS devices. The International Kitefoil Speed promises to return in 2015, with the logistical help of the local club Delta Mistral Camargue.

The favorable winds of Southeast France are refocusing the speed sailing attentions as Namibia struggles to reconquer the world record lost to Salin-de-Giraud.