Nick Jacobsen jumps off Necker Island's Great House

June 3, 2019 | Kiteboarding
Nick Jacobsen: he jumped off Necker Island's Great House | Photo: Oksanen

Let's admit it: Nick Jacobsen is addicted to danger.

The Danish kiteboarder is not your average competitive sportsman. He goes beyond the limits of reasonability by performing death-defying stunts in improbable locations.

We've seen him jumping off a hotel roof into a pool, throwing himself off Burj al-Arab in Dubai and leaping off Richard Branson's house in Moskito Island.

Jacobsen says he takes risk management into consideration before putting his life in jeopardy. And that's probably what keeps him alive.

This time, the intrepid kiteboarders got an invitation to return to Necker Island, a 30-hectare private island owned by Branson and located in the Caribbean.

Nick had a new jump in mind. He wanted to launch himself from the top of the Great House, the largest building of the island, and capture everything in 360-degree video.

So after "shoving lobster and caviar down the throat for breakfast," kiteboarding's most famous stuntman grabbed a 360-degree portable camera and got to work.