Konstantin Aksyonov: clearly not kiteboarding in the Bering Strait

Eugene Novožeev and Konstantin Aksyonov have successfully kite-crossed the Bering Strait. The Russian kiteboarders are the first riders to complete this mission after several attempts from other wind challengers.

The cross of the Bering Strait is a 96-kilometre (56 miles) adventure.

Novožeev, four-time Russian kiteboarding champion, and Aksyonov kicked off from Chukotka in Russia and arrived in Alaska.

The kite mission is full of challenges.

Winds, currents, tides, ships, cold temperatures, and swell make it harder to get from one coast to the other.

Maurice Lacroix, a French kiteboarder, had already tried to complete the trip but missed it. Troy Henkels and Geza Sholtz have plans to do it this summer.

In 1998, Russian adventurer Dmitry Shparo and his son Matvey made the first known modern crossing of the frozen Bering Strait on skis.

Suggestions have been made for the construction of a bridge - the Bering Strait Bridge - between Alaska and Siberia.

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