Sam Lutman-Pauc breaks the English Channel kite cross record

October 26, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Sam Lutman-Pauc: challenging the English Channel

Sam Lutman-Pauc has broken the world record for the fastest kiteboard crossing of the English Channel, between England and France, which belonged to Richard Branson's son.

Sam Lutman-Pauc has crossed the English Channel in one hour and 51 minutes and has set a best time by 27 minutes, which was recorded by Sam Branson in July 2012.

The kiteboarder departed from Dungeness, in the United Kingdom and arrived at Wissant, France, under heavy grey skies and 20 knots of cross-shore winds.

In the first half of the challenge, Sam Lutman-Pauc enjoyed steady winds, sun rays and good swell conditions. Ten miles off the UK coast, the sea changed to a 3-4 metre swell, which forced Sam to surf down the face of 3-metre waves.

Meanwhile, as he progressed, Sam had to slow down to give way to an enormous tanker, on a collision course with his board. By the time the vessel had passed, Sam had drifted off course and the wind had started to drop.

With only 5-10 knots, he managed to reach Wissant Beach, 27 minutes ahead of the previous record to become the fastest man ever to kitesurf across the English Channel.

The British Pro kitesurfer plans to create a new record by sailing straight from the UK to France, and then back to Britain. The Guinness World Records' officials will have to approve the GPS data for the record attempt to be confirmed.