Susi Mai: the patron of KiteRight

Susi Mai has been named patron of KiteRight, a charitable organization that empowers people with physical, mental health or learning disabilities through kiteboarding.

KiteRight is the world's first charity dedicated to using kite sports, in all its formats, to help, support, educate and develop people of all ages with disabilities or learning challenges.

"Initially, KiteRight will focus on land based kite sports. Our ultimate goal is to make kiting into a recognized therapy with a measurable, positive outcome for people", says Susi Mai.

The charity has two main aims. Firstly, to increase access and participation in kite sports for these individuals, increasing their self worth, self esteem, community access and participation.

Secondly, to work with academic institutions such as Bournemouth University to engage in and commission on clinical research as to why kite sports can have such a profound effect physically and emotionally on so many people.

This will involve Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Nursing students and academics. KiteRight aims to publish research finding in academic and sports journals.

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