The British Lego wave kitesurfing ride

November 12, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Lego kitesurfing: perfect waves in a brick world

Professional kiteboarder Tom Court has developed a short kite film featuring Lego riders taking on the best waves in the UK.

When he is not out in the water, Tom Court enjoys filming and video production.

The kiteboarder from the United Kingdom published a great Lego wave kitesurfing movie.

"Another rainy day, as winter draws in here in the UK," says Court.

"A Lego man kiter and the kite launcher make the most of the left-hand towel reef break that was barreling in the corner of my room."

Tom imagined a complete kiteboarding scenery. Kites for Lego riders, Lego Fiat Panda and Volkswagen cars, a gybe tent, and an endless, perfect peeling left-hander breaking somewhere in England.

There's more Lego kitesurfing footage. This time, it comes from the cold waters of Denmark. With a 0,01 m2 kite only, this rider pulls amazing jumps.

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