Surfing in Legoland: the bricks are pumping six-foot waves, dude

Lego games are ageless. The famous colorful plastic bricks and mini-figures promote creativity, but could you imagine Laird Hamilton surfing the Millennium Wave in Lego?

Surfing has been inspiring the coolest Lego creations. The most incredible surf Lego designs have been invading the internet, with dozens of different wave styles.

But how do you build a Lego wave? How do you emulate the ocean and water? Are there Lego mini-figures with a surfing attitude?

Can you design a famous surf spot in Lego plastic pieces? Yes, that is all real and possible.

If you're new to Lego, there are two ways of building surfboards: barreling waves and serious wipeouts.

Get a Lego starter kit, try out several plank shapes, or install the Lego Digital Designer to help you decide on the best pieces for your creation.

With this tool, you can easily get cool Lego inspirations for your own surf artwork.

Remember that the challenge is to do great things with the collection of pieces available.

Surfing creations in the Lego world have improved because the range of pieces and accessories has grown significantly in the last few years.

Surfing in Legoland: there is a beer waiting at the end of the ride

Stunning Surf-Inspired Lego Ideas

The greatest Lego creation could easily be part of the iconic Legoland theme parks installed worldwide.

It is called "A Weekend at Surfers Cove" and was designed in the mind of Eli, a teenager from New South Wales, Australia.

"A Weekend at Surfers Cove" features a perfect surf sport, with an endless barreling Lego wave breaking on a sand beach.

While the rider enjoys the surf line, his friends prepare a grilled fish at the surf camp.

Nothing was forgotten - comfortable sofas, towels and sunbathing, a campfire, flowers, gardens, bicycles, and other magic Lego surf craziness.

Now, get along with the new surfing Lego hype. Buy your Lego starter kit and create new surfing Lego dreams.

Get your first Lego building set.

Surfing in Legoland: helicopter view

Surfing in Legoland: three surfers with three different fates

Surfing in Legoland: surfer misses the peak

Surfing in Legoland: a patriotic hommage

Surfing in Legoland: the artificial surf pool

Surfing in Legoland: riding waves in business suits

Surfing in Legoland: big wave riding

Surfing in Legoland: Laird Hamilton and the Millennium Wave

Surfing in Legoland: warm water and boardshorts

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