The world's first kite with an effective depowering system

November 28, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Flysurfer Peak: effective depowering system

Flysurfer has created the first production single-skin kite, with an effective depowering system.

The Flysurfer Peak uses no bottom sail making it different to conventional ram air kites. The weight of the kite is reduced and the pack size is incredibly small.

The power generated by Peak is considerably more than would be expected by a similar sized depower kite. There are no other kites that get going as early in light winds.

The Peak will be delivered in 6.0m and 9.0m, ready-to-fly, with a super light bar. The frontline safety (FLS) makes the Peak flag out with no pressure in the canopy, and together with the light version of the Infinity 2.0 quick release, the kite delivers maximum safety.

Flysurfer's Peak is made for backcountry touring, freeride snowkiting, landboarding, or buggying, as well as expeditions, schools and teaching. You can use the Peak for urban street kiting or take it anywhere with you when you go on holiday.

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