Three-year-old boy lifted by kite lines

February 8, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Wittering Beach: there's room for everyone | Photo: Tim Robinson/Creative Commons

Unfortunately, kiteboarding accidents seem to keep happening throughout the world.

This time, a three-year-old boy got tangled up when a female kitesurfer lost control of her gear.

Dylan Mogg was walking on East Wittering Beach with his family when a kite came crashing down just a few meters from the child. Unable to control the equipment, the kite lines lifted Dylan 10ft up in the air.

The young boy got several cuts and was quickly transported to St Richard's Hospital. Doctors said he had escaped with cuts and bruises only.

"There must be some kind of enforcement in place for a sport that has such potentially tragic and dangerous consequences," said Elton Mogg to the Chichester Observer.

"At the very least, there should be an area specifically for kitesurfers. And they should certainly be far enough out to sea that if they lose control of their kite, it does not land anywhere near the beach or to anyone on it."

The local District Council will be carrying out an investigation and said that kitesurfers were encouraged to use a quieter section of the beach, between Selsey and the caravan park, all summer.

"Kitesurfers have a responsibility to follow the bylaws which state their activities should not cause a danger to other beach users," said the Council in a statement.

"However, we understand there are only limited places where people can access the beach, and with the weight and size of kitesurfing equipment, people tend to practice their sport at points where they do not have to carry their equipment a long way."

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