World Kiteboarding League teams up with the Kiteboard Academy

August 16, 2017 | Kiteboarding
Mikaili Sol: a pro freestyle kiteboarder at only 12

The World Kiteboarding League (WKL) announced a partnership with the World Class Kiteboard Academy.

The official freestyle kiteboarding world tour aims to offer its athletes the chance to combine the busy agenda of a pro kiteboarder with their academic duties.

The World Class Kiteboard Academy is a private high-school with headquarters in White Salmon, Washington that combines studies, travel, and the challenges of professional kiteboarding.

The new partnership will allow young, talented riders the opportunity to combine their 26-week education with the WKL schedule. Mikaili Sol, 12, will be the youngest member of the 2017/2018 class.

Mika is the first rider of the WKL era to join the World Class Kiteboard Academy. She will meet 15 other student athletes with whom she will travel the world gaining competitive experience and studying.

The World Class Kiteboard Academy follows the same scholastic guidelines used by most high schools. Students do not have to be world-class riders when they enter the program.

The program follows a strict 4:1 student to instructor ratio and parents can communicate with their children via email or phone. Sundays are family days.