Lego: discover the best skateboard-inspired designs and creations | Photo: The Brick Dude

Are you a sidewalk surfing enthusiast? Do you have any free time? Build your own skateboard-inspired Lego set.

Lego is one of the coolest and most entertaining things you could do in your leisure time. If you're a skateboarder, you'll enjoy building the world's largest vert ramp or creating a rideable skateboard.

We've browsed the internet, found some serious Lego skatepark architects and engineers, and selected the ten greatest designs and creations.

These brick-building masters developed full-sized skateboards, skateparks with half pipes and bowls, vert ramps, and skate houses using only Lego bricks, plates, Technic pieces, and special functional elements.

Take a look at the best Lego skateboarding ideas ever built. Discover some of the finest brick-building creations.

Vert Ramp

Lego Vert Ramp

The Lego Vert Ramp is definitely one of the best creations ever built.

Jason W. Ellis planned and designed this model after reading "The Concrete Wave," a must-have skateboard book written by Michael Brooke.

The architect of this stunning masterpiece wanted to blend the different aspects of skateboarding into a unique piece.

Ellis also added a street skating area with a few obstacles like trash cans and barrels. The vert ramp itself features a coping area and stairway access.


Palm Hill Skate Park

Lego Palm Hill Skate Park

Welcome to Palm Hill Skate Park, a California-style skating facility created by Ben Andrews.

The spot invites you to ride a half-pipe with a vert side, a fun box, grind rails, and a curved grind box.

There's the Old Skool Matt skate shop and even a smartphone stand for shooting rad skate videos in stop motion.

The skatepark is open to BMX and scooters and was inspired by "the creative world of physical achievements found in many real-life cities."


3LUG Skateboard

Lego 3LUG Skateboard

Here's a simple yet highly realistic Lego skateboard.

It was built by French artist Jimmy Fortel and features a nicely shaped double-kick popsicle board equipped with classic wheels.


Modular Skate House

Lego Modular Skate House

The Modular Skate House is one of the few official Lego creations exclusively dedicated to skateboarding.

It's an all-in-one sports facility featuring an outdoor half-pipe, a basketball hoop, a climbing wall, and a cool, relaxing room.

The structure released in 2017 can be fully customized and changed according to your preferences.


Half Pipe Skate Park

Lego Half Pipe Skate Park

This state-of-the-art skating structure features a large half-pipe, a quarter pipe, and an outdoor basketball court with two hoops.

The skatepark was installed next to a beautiful cherry tree with falling petals and an ice cream truck.

The lamp posts, the dog and his bone, the vegetation, and the resting areas give the whole scenario a classic city look.


Nybohov's MOC Skate Park

Nybohov's Lego MOC Skate Park

Lego addict Jörgen Fagerlund created a large skatepark with multiple features and unique riding opportunities.

Actually, it's quite impressive to see what he was able to add in such a small area.

The Swedish skatepark architect installed a fun half pipe, a ramp, a bowl, grind rails, benches, and a large funbox surrounded by fresh and vibrant vegetation.


Big Banana Skateboard

Lego Big Banana Skateboard

It was one of the earliest and most popular skateboard models.

The Super Surfer Big Banana hit the market in the 1970s. Today, this vintage skateboard is a collector's item.

Inspired by her mother's Big Banana skate, Maddison took it out of the garage and made a stunning Lego version.

Skateboard Challenge

Lego Skateboard Challenge

Lego released this 108-part set in 2002 through the Island Xtreme Stunts collection.

Skateboard Challenge invites you to test your imagination and skills by performing radical moves and tricks on the ramps, slides, and rails.


JangBricks' MOC Skate Park

JangBricks' Lego MOC Skate Park

Bamidele O. Shangobunmi is a famous independent Lego builder and reviewer from San Francisco, California.

He created a highly customized skatepark with three half pipes and several other skating obstacles.

The artist known as JangBricks made several rebuilds and adjustments so that the minimal space he had could accommodate everything smoothly.

There are even skateboard stickers and graffiti on the walls of this urban skatepark.


MOC Modular Skatepark

Lego MOC Modular Skatepark

Guy Gabizon is a Lego model designer. He loves to turn ideas into reality so that people can build them.

In a tiny area, he was able to install a cool ramp, a half-pipe, a basketball hoop, and a grind rail.

It sure looks cozy and rippable.

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