Venice, California: the local skateboarding legends depicted in a giant mural | Photo: Lisa Ezell

Nestled in the Brooks Ct. alley, just a kickflip away from Swartz Glass and a stone's throw west of Lincoln, an awe-inspiring mural now paints a vibrant tapestry of Venice's iconic skateboard heroes.

This artistic collaboration serves as both a celebration of a culture and a solemn remembrance of its shining stars.

At the mural's heart, an emotionally stirring tribute is paid to Chris "Spanto" Printup and Jay Adams.

Printup, the visionary co-founder of the famed streetwear label Born X Raised, tragically passed in June, mere days after a New Mexico car crash.

In 2013, while behind bars, Printup's undying spirit birthed the brand that would resonate with countless streetwear aficionados.

"We spent Spanto's last night in LA planning this wall," explained Jonas Never.

"We had everything set to go, and in the blink of an eye, everything changed," added Zermeño Jr.

"He had so much love for everyone on this wall and his city. We knew we had to make sure this still got up for him."

Standing beside him in the mural is Jay Adams, a skateboarding luminary whose audacious style transformed skateboarding from child's play to an edgy way of life.

A Venice native and an integral member of the Z-Boys, Adams left us in 2014 due to a heart attack.

"I'm honored that Spanto brought me and Gustavo together to paint the Venice he loved and represented," added Never.

"It was awesome painting alongside Gustavo, and I appreciate everyone who was a part of the project."

Honoring Street Culture

But the mural's story doesn't stop there.

It also celebrates a roster of skateboard legends synonymous with Venice's gritty streets: Ricky "Rickle" Massie, Josh "Bagel" Klassman, Joff "Gamera" Drinkwater, Juanita "Grandma" Massie, Rocky Jay Martinez, Julian "Juice" Martinez, Richard Massie, Eric "Lil Man" Garber, Jim "OG Red Dog" Muir, Eric "Tuma" Britton, Jesse "The Mess" Martinez, Aaron "Fingers" Murray, and Tim Jackson.

This magnificent canvas is the handiwork of two local muralist giants: Gustavo Zermeño Jr. and Jonas Never.

Zermeño Jr., whose colorful brush strokes have added life to Los Angeles, is renowned for his pieces on city sports legends and his tribute to the late rapper Mac Miller.

Skate down to Venice Beach, and you'll spot his masterful Red Hot Chili Peppers mural.

On the other hand, Never, the UC Riverside pitcher-turned-artist, has left his indelible mark with iconic pieces like the Lana Del Rey painting on Paloma Avenue and the Muscle Beach homage at Speedway.

The mural, apart from being a visual spectacle, is a testament to Venice's profound skateboarding legacy and the towering figures who have shaped it.

For locals and tourists alike, the Brooks Ct. alley is no longer just a shortcut - it's a journey through the annals of Venice's skateboarding lore.

Venice Skateboarding Mural

Standing (left to right)

Ricky "Rickle" Massie
Josh "Bagel" Klassman
Joff "Gamera" Drinkwater
Chris "Spanto" Printup
Jay Adams
Juanita "Grandma" Massie
Rocky Jay Martinez
Julian "Juice" Martinez
Richard Massie


Eric "Lil Man" Garber (top left)
Jim "OG Red Dog" Muir (bottom left)
Eric "Tuma" Britton (center left)
Jesse "The Mess" Martinez (center right)
Aaron "Fingers" Murray (top right)
Tim Jackson (bottom right)

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