Skateboarding: discover the world's most infamous, dangerous, and illegal gatherings | Photo: Red Bull

They're bold and test the bravery and skills of the participants. Welcome to the audacious world of extreme skateboarding events.

Some people will never comply with the establishment. And that could be a good thing. Why not?

In its DNA and history, skateboarding has always been the home of the discontent, disillusioned, alternative, indie, activist, and non-conformed riders.

The truth is that the skate tribe is, by default, less mainstream than their ocean-based surfing counterpart.

Skaters' playgrounds are more prone to clashes and interactions with the urban elements, whether they're public or private.

As a result, informal skateboarding gatherings and events fueled by a skate-or-die attitude can oftentimes meet the barrier of the police force and the disapproval from the population.

Let's take a look at some of the most eye-catching contests, rallies, and meetings put out by skateboarders.

Dolores Hill Bomb

The Dolores Hill Bomb is a yearly gathering in San Francisco, California, where skateboarders assemble on Dolores Street opposite Dolores Park to spontaneously bomb the hill.

In skateboarding, hill bombing involves a skater descending rapidly down a large incline.

The event, although unauthorized, has evolved into a celebrated tradition, notorious for the extreme steepness of the descent.

The event has led to various injuries and at least one fatality.

In an effort to curb the event in 20201, the city placed Botts' dots, but skateboarders continued to participate.

Given the event's high-risk nature, only expert skateboarders should consider participating.


Dime Glory Challenge

The Dime Glory Challenge is an event organized by Dime, a skateboarding company based in Montreal, Canada.

It is not a typical skateboarding contest.

Instead, it's more of a celebration of skateboarding, packed with unconventional and often humorous challenges.

Over the years, the Dime Glory Challenge has gained significant attention in the skateboarding community for its unique format, combining skill, comedy, and absurdity.

The events and challenges often deviate from traditional skate contests, with tasks that might involve anything from obstacle courses to unusual props, making it as much about entertainment as it is about skating prowess.


Halloween Hellbomb

The Halloween Hellbomb is a chaotic skateboarding event that takes place in Long Beach, California.

It's fast becoming one of skateboarding's most debased and demented traditions.

The event is known for its incredible stunts and tricks performed by professional skateboarders, often in costume.

The Halloween Hellbomb is celebrated with killer moves and casualties, making it Long Beach's deadliest event.

It's a spectacle of pure insanity that skateboarders and fans alike look forward to each year.


Hollywood Skate Jam

The Hollywood Skate Jam is a skate event organized by FA and Adidas.

It features non-professional skaters going for broke on a rugged parking lot street course.

The meeting is known for its high energy and intense sessions. Sometimes, everything just gets out of control.


HELride & Koff Race

HELride is an annual skateboarding event that takes place in Helsinki, Finland.

HELride blends both street and transition skateboarding disciplines, with multiple events spread across different parts of the city over several days.

It's a mix of traditional competition and more free-form sessions, giving it a more laid-back vibe than some other contests.

The event typically features local and international skateboarders and is known for its unique urban settings and challenges.

The Koff Race, also known as Koffin Vauhtikisat, is one of the acts held during the HELride, in which skateboarders race downhill through a series of obstacles, often in a park setting.

The name "Koff" is derived from Koff Park, a popular spot in Helsinki where the race has taken place.

Both the HELride and the Koff Race have grown in popularity and recognition in the skateboarding community, showcasing the rich skateboarding culture in Finland and attracting participants and audiences from various parts of the world.

The excitement levels at these events are always great, and you can always count on something wild to go down.


Torshov Open

The Torshov Open is an independent skateboard event.

It is considered one of the most important skate events in Norway.

The meeting attracts a large audience of all ages who come to watch high-level skateboarding.

The event is organized by Kevin Bækkel, Scott Bækkel, and Janna Gillen and features skaters from the Creature and Monster teams.

It's a great opportunity for skateboard enthusiasts to enjoy the sport in a festive atmosphere.


Broadway Bomb

Every year, the Broadway Bomb longboarding race takes place along Broadway in Manhattan.

Ian Nichols and Fred Mahe established the event in October 2002, starting with just sixteen participants.

By 2018, the event had expanded to include over 7,900 riders.

On the third Saturday of October at 12 p.m., the race commences at 116th St. and Riverside Drive in Upper Manhattan.

The race trail primarily follows Broadway, ending at the Charging Bull statue in Lower Manhattan.

The city of New York doesn't officially sanction the event, so it happens amidst regular city traffic, with no structured safety measures for riders or the public.

In 2012, when the number of participants surged into the thousands, the New York Supreme Court deemed the race illegal.

Since then, the NYPD has made efforts to halt or interrupt the event.

Even with its official cancellation in 2012 and ongoing NYPD resistance, the race has continued annually without further disturbances, attracting more participants and global attention.

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