Skateboarders: always hand in hand with the city | Photo: SurferToday

In the heart of a bustling metropolis, a solitary figure stood on the rooftop of a weathered apartment building, overlooking the concrete jungle that stretched to the horizon.

He was an enigmatic soul, a lover of poetry and skateboarding, whose passions had been intertwined from a young age.

His days were spent weaving through the urban labyrinth, dancing on his skateboard, and carving out his existence in the chaotic symphony of city life.

As the sun dipped below the skyline, he would retreat to his rooftop sanctuary, the wind tousling his hair as he scribbled his thoughts and experiences onto tattered, ink-stained pages.

One fateful evening, as the city hummed below, the mysterious figure felt the weight of inspiration descend upon him.

He felt the call to capture the essence of the two worlds he cherished most, to immortalize the beauty of skateboarding and the vibrant cityscape that served as his playground.

With the stars as his witness, he began to craft a poem that would encapsulate the magic of the urban environment and the exhilarating freedom of skateboarding.

The words flowed like a river from his fingertips, each line a testament to the intoxicating dance between skater and city, the artistry that emerged from the fusion of passion and motion.

As the nights blurred into days, the poem took shape, a symphony of language that captured the spirit of the skateboarding subculture and the boundless energy of the city.

The poem was a love letter to the art of skating, a tribute to the defiant individuality that defined those who embraced the sport.

With each stroke of his pen, the figure painted a vivid picture of the urban landscape, its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, the intricate tapestry of life that served as the backdrop for the skateboarding odyssey.

Through the power of his words, he breathed life into the city, transforming it into a living, breathing entity, a dance partner in the eternal ballet of the skater.

The poem swelled with the rhythm of the streets, a pulsating heartbeat that mirrored the tempo of the skateboarder's journey.

It was an ode to the beauty of motion, a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between the skater and the city, a love affair that transcended time and space.

As the final words fell into place, the mysterious figure gazed out over the sleeping city, a sense of peace and fulfillment washing over him.

He had captured the essence of the world he held so dear, immortalized the magic of skateboarding and the urban environment in a symphony of language that would resonate with all who read it.

And so, with the stars as his muse and the city as his canvas, the enigmatic poet and skateboarder had created a masterpiece, a testament to the beauty of the world he loved, a world that would live on in the hearts and minds of all who read his words.

City: a skateboarder finds peace and inspiration in the concrete jungle | Photo: SurferToday

Urban Ballet: The Skateboarder's Symphony (London, Ohio, April 2023)

In vibrant urban realms where the concrete unfolds,
A tale of the wheels and their passion untold.
Of fearless young souls in communion with the earth,
Skateboarding emerges; a renaissance birth.

The air crisp and cool, as the morning ignites,
A dance with the pavement soars to new heights.
A symphony written, in gliding and motion,
A tribute to freedom, boundless devotion.

In the realm of the city, where steel meets the skies,
The urban jungle, where the skateboarder thrives.
With each stroke and push on this melodic ride,
A harmony crafted, a spirit inside.

Skateboarders conquer the labyrinthine sprawl,
The rush of the wind, their hearts in enthrall,
The rhythm of city, a pulsating beat,
A sonnet of motion, where hearts skip and fleet.

The streets lay out a canvas, a tableau so grand,
The four-wheeled artists, their brushes in hand,
With arcs and contours, they paint their desires,
On concrete and metal, their souls leap like fires.

A pirouette flawless, as wheels carve and turn,
Ollie and kickflip, a ballet to learn.
In a sea of gray matter, a vibrant display,
Of colors and passions, the skaters' ballet.

And then there's the grind, a metallic embrace,
Two partners in dance, a flirtatious chase.
A rail and its rider, the sparks now ignite,
A trail of stardust in the urban night.

In the shadows of giants, the cityscape looms,
The half-pipe a stage, where the skater enthralls.
With gravity spurned, they take to the air,
A midsummer's dream, a moment so rare.

The walls kissed by murals, graffiti sublime,
A testament to the spirit of time.
The skater, the artist, two forces combined,
In perpetual motion, a bond so divine.

In a world where conformity binds and constricts,
Skateboarding's essence, a fire that flickers.
A defiance, a statement, a freedom unbound,
A dance in the shadows, a truth to be found.

The urban tapestry, a maze interwoven,
A playground of steel, a haven for the unbroken.
Through the alleys and boulevards, narrow and wide,
The skateboarder's journey, a magnificent ride.

As the sun begins to set, shadows grow long,
The cityscape flickers, a twilight song.
The skaters assemble, their silhouettes cast,
In the glow of streetlights, an ephemeral contrast.

The warmth of camaraderie, a fellowship true,
Through the trials and triumphs, the hardships they knew.
In the heart of the city, where dreams intertwine,
The beauty of skateboarding, a dance so divine.

The night casts its veil, and the stars take their place,
The skater's journey, its rhythm and pace.
Through the concrete jungle, with each step and glide,
A poetic ballet, their hearts open wide.

For in this urban expanse, a tale is spun,
Of wheels and the wind, of laughter and fun.
The skateboarder's dance, a tribute to freedom,
A hymn of expression, a love to be sung.

And so as the city drifts off to sleep,
The memories etched, in their hearts they will keep.
Of the beauty of skateboarding, a love affair,
In the realms of the urban, a world to be shared.

As the sun rises anew, the cycle begins,
The skater's journey, a dance in the wind.
A ballet of motion, where dreams take flight,
A testament to freedom, in the urban light.

Words by Asher Inman | Skateboarder and Author

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