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Who could have predicted that the sports of archery and skateboarding would one day connect to create one of the most popular skateboards ever produced - the Fibreflex.
Symbiosis has been a hallmark of skateboarding. Skaters push their boards to the limits, and skateboard makers constantly strive to remove the boards' limitations.
Frank Nasworthy is credited with one of skateboarding's legendary breakthroughs. His vision led to a resurgence of skateboarding in the 1970s. This is the story of how the skateboard wheel went from clay to urethane.
When skateboarding hit it big for the third time in the 1980s, five major skateboard companies emerged: Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Tracker, Independent, and Vision (which also had Schmitt Stix and Sims).
The Arizona Pipes were one of the two most remarkable periods of time in my tenure as Editor of SkateBoarder Magazine.
It's time to grab your skateboard and let the good times roll in Newtownabbey near Belfast, Northern Ireland.