Skateboard News Headlines and Top Stories

A fingerboard is a small-scale working replica of a real skateboard.
Sequels and remakes are a classic temptation that often fails to deliver quality and unforgettable results. Hollywood knows it very well.
American skateboarding icon Keith Hufnagel passed away after losing a two and a half year battle against brain cancer. He was 46.
He wanted to be number one, and he became number one. Here's the story of Tony Alva, the skateboarder that always knew how to reinvent himself.
Once you've managed to find your balance on a skateboard, it's time to start moving around. The tic-tac technique is one of the two ways of getting speed in skateboarding.
The skate tool is the skateboarder's Swiss Army knife. It allows you to mount hardware and adjust components on the fly.