Austin Keen: the skim to wake trick

Who needs a car or a jet ski when you've got a boat? Austin Keen keeps impressing the board sports crew. The talented skimboarder re-invented the original concept behind skimboarding and wakeboarding.

Should this article feature in the skimboarding or the wakeboarding corner? Because Austin Keen is a skim champion, we've decided to add it to the skimming category. However, it's easy to get confused.

The dreadlocked rider thought of something completely new, and the final result will definitely steal a smile from your face.

Apparently, Keen has hijacked a boat wake. In other words, he started off as a skimboarder and ended up a wakeboarder.

This is not an easy stunt to perform. You have to time it perfectly. Otherwise, you'll lose your wake. But being one of the best skimboarders in the world, Austin Keen did it flawlessly.

"After seeing a couple of my long slide-out skim videos, Marco Thompson suggested I slide out to the boat wake," Austin Keen told

"Since I already took the fin out of my Liquid Force wakesurf board, I knew it was possible and was stoked to try it."

"Timing my slide-out with the speed of the boat wasn't exactly easy, but I was stoked that it actually worked."

Watch how the rider raised in the waters of Tybee Island gained momentum, glided over the waters, caught the wake produced by the board, and even pulled an air.


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