Austin Keen: skimboarding's most creative athlete

Are you ready for a quick textbook skimboarding stunt? Watch Austin Keen doing what he loves most.

He is one of the stars of modern skimboarding, and always finds time to push the sport toward new and unexplored territories.

Keen has already blended skimboarding with many different sports, including surfing, wakeboarding, and even skateboarding. So, what has he got left in the back of his mind?

When he's not in the ocean, the athlete from Savannah, Georgia, explores the potential of different bodies of water. So, why shouldn't he go skimboarding in a swimming pool?

"While I was in Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, The pool at my hotel just looked too inviting not to try and skim across it," said Austin Keen.

The talented skimboarder successfully completed the challenge and, in the end, he had a cold beer waiting for him on the opposite side of the pool.

How can you do it? "Just keep practicing," says Keen.

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