Austin Keen: dreadlocks help him balance the body

Austin Keen has conquered the 26th Ave Skimbash, in Santa Cruz, California.

Sam Stinnet has already taken the 2012 United Skim Tour, but the curtain has not been closed. With two stages to be contested, there are glory and ranking positions to confirm.

The Stinnet family has been doing very well. Jake got through heat by heat, and finished in second place, ahead of Tim Fulton and Sam.

Despite the irregular wind and wave conditions, there were 540 shove-its, frontside airs, backside snaps, and barrels for everyone at the beach. Skimming is popular in Santa Cruz and fans wanted high performers in the water.

The final battles were run in harsh weather conditions, but Keen's 360 shove-it to frontside bash ignited the judging panel. First place for the dreadlock skimmer.

26th Avenue Skimbash 2012 | Results

1. Austin Keen
2. Jake Stinnett
3. Tim Fulton
4. Sam Stinnett

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