Blair Conklin: aiming at the world skimboarding title | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Blair Conklin and Casey Kiernan have taken out the 2016 Southside Shootout, held at Dewey Beach, Delaware.

The second stop on the United Skim Tour (UST) 2016 had maritime conditions for all tastes - glassy, fun shore break waves in the morning, and wind-affected ripples in the afternoon. The organization - Skim USA - made sure everything run smoothly.

Inspired by the sunny weather, Casey Kiernan added a new trophy to her long list of accomplishments in skimboarding. The Floridian, who was also celebrating her birthday, used her experience and technique to beat Alex Yokley, Steff Mags, and Ellen Wood.

Blair Conklin has reasons to smile. Not only he won the 2016 Southside Shootout, but he also stole the number one spot on the UST rankings. Will it be this year? Can the Californian win his maiden world title in 2016?

The next stop on the United Skim Tour 2016 is the Outer Banks Skim Jam, and it marks the halfway point in the season.

2016 Southside Shootout | Finals

1. Blair Conklin
2. John Akerman
3. Sam Stinnett
4. Perry Pruitt

1. Casey Kiernan
2. Alex Yokley
3. Steff Mags
4. Ellen Wood

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