United Skim Tour: skimboarding at its best | Photo: Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit

The 2017 United Skim Tour (UST) champion will be crowned at the Sununga Skim Festival, in Brazil.

Who will win the world title? Place your bets. Blair Conklin, John Akerman, and Perry Pruitt will battle it out for the ultimate accolade in skimboarding. One of them will raise the coveted trophy.

After winning the Florida Pro/Am, Akerman missed the TAC Skimblast, in Santa Cruz, an event won by Conklin. At the sixth event of the year - the Exile Oktoberfest - Conklin outperformed his rival and took the lead in the rankings.

But there are still many points at stake, and it's anyone's game. Traditionally, the Brazilians tend to do well on their home turf, so the top three riders will have to be at their best to advance to the Sununga finals.

The iconic Brazilian shore break will showcase the world's best skimboarders and crown a world champion from October 30 through November 5.

2017 United Skim Tour | Top 5 Before Sununga

1. Blair Conklin, 2937 points
2. John Akerman, 2502 points
3. Perry Pruitt, 2420 points
4. Sam Stinnett, 1999 points
5. Eddie Dixon, 1871 points

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