Skimboarding: the world's best skimboarders kick off the 2019 United Skim Tour season in California | Photo: LagunaSoCal

The 2019 United Skim Tour (UST) schedule has been released.

The professional skimboarding circuit returns with six state-of-the-art events held in some of the finest venues across the United States.

Defending champions Blair Conklin and Sophia Nguyen will battle it out against the world's best skimboarders in the shore break wave of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

The 2019 UST season kicks off in Santa Cruz with the TAC Skimblast and will crown new champions at the last contest of the season, the Exile Oktoberfest.

This year, there won't be events in Portugal and Brazil.

But The Vic, the oldest and most prestigious skimboard contest on the planet has been locked in and confirmed.

Interestingly, The Vic has expanded to the east coast of the United States. Dewey Beach, in Delaware, hosted a high-energy skimboarding show featuring 13 competitive divisions.

Hopefully, The Vic East will join the official UST calendar in the upcoming seasons.

2019 United Skim Tour | Schedule

TAC Skimblast – Santa Cruz, CA | June 29
Outer Banks Skim Jam – OBX, NC | July 20-21
Zap Pro/Am – Dewey Beach, DE | August 9-11
The Vic - Laguna Beach, CA | August 17-18
Florida Pro/Am – Vilano Beach, FL | August 23-25
Exile Oktoberfest – Newport Beach, CA | September 21-22

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