Logan Davidson: he placed fourth on the 2016 European Skimboarding Cup season | Photo: Seventyone

The full schedule for the 2018 European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) has been released.

The best flatland skimboarders of the Old Continent will compete in six European stages and three different countries. The fifth edition of the ESC continues to develop inland skimming, and get more people into the sport.

There are two new additions to the 2018 calendar. Riders will be able to compete at the Battle of the Boot and Pangea Festival, both venues located in Germany, a country with a long tradition in flatland skimboarding.

"With the German stops back in the calendar, we also expect more riders from Germany competing in the tour. The ESC will also be a battle between the main skimboard teams - Seventyone, DB, Kayotics, Konar and GoZone. Each wanting to have their riders win the cup," the organization told SurferToday.

Defending European champion Michal Ambruszkiewicz will have the opportunity to confirm his superiority over the likes of Adrien Raza, Semjon Szillat, Mees Oostdijk, and other opponents.

2018 European Skimboarding Cup | Schedule

Battle of the Boot | Dusseldorf, Germany | January 27
Hallifornia | Varberg, Sweden | July 21
Polish Skimboarding Open | Gdansk, Poland | August 3
Red Bull Skim It | Lodz, Poland | (TBC)
Pangea Festival | Ribnitz-Damgarten, Germany | August 25
Malmö Skim | Malmö, Sweden | November (TBC)

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