Virgin River Waterfall: Adrien Raza goes for it | Photo: DB Skimboards

The skimboarding industry is a niche market. With no more than a dozen strong and active brands, the world of skimboarding is what it is - a growing water sport, but with natural limitations.

Fortunately, DB Skimboards is one of the companies that is keeping the sport healthy and innovative.

Their recent video project is "Travels and Wanderings," a series of road trips to the most popular skim spots.

European riders Daniel Prieß, Adrien Raza, and Friedrich Flüh traveled to the United States to meet up with the local skimboarding community.

They've ridden flatland spots in Washington, Utah, and California, and shared mutual interests with the likes of Adam Balaam, the Goon Crew, Mike Finneran, Cardo Vega, Cody Maurer, and others.

"The drive from Washington to Utah was very long. It took us two days, and we came out to Idaho, in the middle of nowhere. So a trip like this is mainly about the skim, but also the people," explains Daniel Prieß.

One of the highlights of "Travels and Wanderings" is, without a doubt, the jump attempt at the Virgin River Waterfall.

The successful 10-foot drop into brown waters will certainly be remembered in the written history of skimboarding.

The future of flatland skimboarding is obviously bright. In a time when surf pools are neurotically trying to find their space in inland territories, it's good to know that there will always be a free and exciting alternative nearby.

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