Freestyle Tide Trainer: get cross-training into surfing

Freestyle has announced the release of the Tide Trainer, a gym-to-surf cross-training watch.

What happens when you blend a surf watch with a cross-training fitness planner? The Tide Trainer by Freestyle combines tide data with multiple performance timing functions for surfers looking to get in better shape.

Freestyle partnered with Extreme Athletics to deliver a watch that features tide data for 150 beaches, sunrise/sunset times, five interval timers and preset heat timers, 100-hour chronograph, 200-lap workout memory with dated training log and customizable training reminders such as nutrition and hydration.

"While there's no better surf training than surfing itself, we also believe that participating in a land-based training program can help bring significant benefits to your surfing experience," says Chad LaBass, brand manager at Freestyle.

Additionally, both companies will also release a a downloadable PDF travel workout and video designed to help athletes improve their strength, power, balance, endurance, and agility while traveling or when they can't make it into the gym. The workout is planned to be used with Tide Trainer's multiple interval timers.

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