FCS Freedom Leash: a lighter, thinner and stronger leg rope

FCS announced the launch of Freedom Leash, a surfboard leg rope that is lighter, thinner and stronger.

We have to admit that surfboard leashes rarely change over time. It's one of those pieces of surf hardware that didn't evolve much in the past couple of decades.

FCS believe it has re-invented the kook cord by designing and producing a technically and visually different product.

The result is Freedom Leash, a high-tensile nylon yarn braided over an internal polyurethane (PU) cord that promises to reduce the potential breakpoints.

The surf company also underlines that the new surf leash reduces the amount of drag and tangling experience in intermediate and advanced surfing.

"We created a minimalist and revolutionary cord that features a limited over-stretch that will always return to its original length," FCS notes.

"The precision engineered cuff has a 3mm neoprene padding, and a silicone grip print for reduced slipping around the ankle."

The FCS Freedom Leash is available in a single size - 6' - and retails at $45.

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