Betzy is the World Miss Reef 2010

November 15, 2010 | Surfing
Betzy: congratulations, girl

The sun was high at Haleiwa, Hawaii when the first-ever World Miss Reef 2010 was finally crowned.

The Miss Reef contestants came from all over the globe, but there was only one beauty winner. A total of 11 girls joined the classic event on the incredibly hot day.

Regional Miss Reef contest winners from the Netherlands, Indonesia, Barbados, Peru, Panama, Argentina, and the U.S. awed the judges with a diverse range of exotic beauty, poise, and charm.

But the overall winner is Betzida Herrera (4), from Panama. Miss Reef Argentina, Natalia Baccino, took third place, while Miss Reef Peru, Vanessa Tello, took second.

Congratulations to the new World Miss Reef 2010! Betzy won $5000 and a guaranteed spot in the 2012 Miss Reef Calendar.

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