Bruce Irons: lighting up the stoke

Surfing is constantly pushing its own boundaries. This time, Bruce Irons brings us another great and graphic idea. Literally, flaring up with flares. Yes, that's it, surfing with a flare attached to a surfboard.

The innovative surfing session came up during the Red Bull Minor Threat, in the Mentawai Islands, where four veteran elite surfers and four junior surfers challenge remote surf breaks. Sam McIntosh introduced the concept to Bruce and they ended up putting it out in the water.

"It turned out to be a lot cooler than I had imagined. I'm pretty stoked. It's hard to explain how it looked. I just tried to keep the flare above the water", explains Irons.

Irons surfed with his flare setup in the early morning and in complete dark, late in the afternoon. Both sequences are quite spectacular.

The flare placed in the tail of the surfboard ignites the entire way around. So, when Bruce Irons scored perfect barrels, it looked like he had a ball of fire chasing him every time. The Hawaiian surfer confirmed his flair for flare surfing. Literally. What will he do next?

Watch the amazing footage.

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