Murphys Waves: endless overhead rides

The artificial wave pool market is fired up as Murphys Waves announces the construction of a large surfing wave facility at the Shanghai Water Park in China.

Kelly Slater prepares his giant surf park on the Australian Gold Coast. The American Wave Machines installed their artificial wave pool in Sochi, Russia.

China is the next man-made wave destination, showing the full potential ahead for the surfing industry.

Wave riding is no longer a coastal sport. It will be a planetary outdoor activity, with swell being created almost everywhere.

Murphys Waves is already building its "Point Break Surf" system in a 30-meter wide pool.

The company promises "the world's largest waves at over 3.3 meters high". Overhead surf in the most populous country in the world.

This surf machine is a computer-controlled system capable of pumping left, right, and point breaks with adjustable height at the touch of a button.

The Murphys Waves concept can reach up to 50 meters of wave pool size. Discover the best surf pool and surf park models.

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