Forgot your surf leash or wax? Find the Surf Bubble

August 23, 2012 | Surfing
The Surf Bubble: a surf leash and wax for one euro, only

Have you ever arrived at the beach and realized you forgot your surf leash or wax? No worries, find the nearest Surf Bubble.

A group of Portuguese designers and entrepreneurs has developed a new way of saving perfect surf sessions from ending in the parking lot.

Imagine that you forgot your surf leash at home, and the peak is pumping perfect six-foot barrels under absolute blue skies. Crystal clear water is calling your name, but there's no cord for the surfboard.

Alternatively, you've removed your old wax from the surfboard, and there isn't any surf shop nearby. What will you do? Will you go surfing in slippery mode? No problem. You just need one Euro coin.

A surfer and Goma, a creative company, are currently installing "The Surf Bubble" right next to the best Portuguese surf spots.

"The Surf Bubble" is similar to those classic outdoor toy machines in which you insert a coin and get a random gift.

In this case, "The Surf Bubble" will get you a special plastic ball, with a small surf leash and a quarter of wax inside, so that you don't miss the best waves of your life.

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