Wax+: the

Have you ever lost grip during long surf sessions? This may be the solution to a common surfing problem.

Wax+ is a small and flexible rubber pouch that adheres to your surfboard and carries a small portion of non-toxic and biodegradable wax.

Australian surfer-inventor Tam Rodwell developed a simple and smart solution that will put an end to slippery surfboard decks and unnecessary wipeouts during spectacular swells.

"It's been a long road to get to this point, and a long time and a few prototypes to get the right design," explains Rodwell.

"I knew it had to be easy enough to get the wax out when it was full size, but also hold it in when it was worn down to a much smaller size."

Lightweight and Easily Accessible

Tam Rodwell tested his product for a year, and never lost a bit of wax. Surfers may install Wax+ securely anywhere on their boards, regardless of the size.

However, the developer recommends everyone to stick it on the back of the board - near the tail - and behind the traction pad.

The access slot has been designed to hold the wax tight, but also flexible enough to retrieve it when it's needed. The system weighs 30 grams.

Rodwell has also created a small block of wax biodegradable wax that fits in the rubber pouch.

"The wax is amazing and leaves no harmful footprints. The revolutionary formula that stays super sticky in virtually all water temperatures from 48°F (9°C) to 84°F (29°C).

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