Jamie O'Brien: the most stylish surfer in Hawaii

"Who is J.O.B. 2.0" is the latest adventure of pro surfer Jamie O'Brien. The 18-episode series will be debuting innovative camera systems and techniques to capture the extremely pleasant life of the Pipeline surfer boy.

The online episodic sequel to the DVD film "Who is J.O.B." is quite crazy and that is what we should expect when entering the life of Jamie O'Brien.

The iconic Hawaiian rider will open his home and backstage intimacy of each surf contest he competes in and promises to reveal all the details of his challenging daily routine.

"Who is J.O.B. 2.0" will have lots of beautiful girls, parties, groms, quivers, waves and food receipts. The 18 episodes will be released on Fridays.

Jamie O'Brien was born on the 9th June, 1983, in Hawaii. He is the son of a lifeguard and is one of the youngest surfers ever to win the Pipeline Masters, in 2004. JOB is a surfing brand in the Oahu's North Shore.

The first episode can be seen online.

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