Joan Duru: the French surfer's performance included a Perfect 10-point ride | Photo: Quemao Class

Joan Duru and Amaury Lavernhe have taken out the 8th edition of the Quemao Class at El Quemao in La Santa, Lanzarote.

The prestigious tube-riding invitational event has once again gathered some of the world's best surfing and bodyboarding performers in the Canary Islands.

In the two days of competition, riders took the most out of the exceptional conditions, which largely exceeded the initial expectations.

As a result, high scores - Perfect 10s included - were frequent and more than fair, as the Spanish reef break pumped perfect barreling waves in the 8-to-12-foot range.

Joan Duru, Sam Piter, Aritz Aranburu, and João Mendonça competed for the ultimate glory in the surfing final.

Duru, probably the best surfer in the contest, claimed the top honors, followed by Piter, Mendonça, and Aranburu.

"I'm really happy with my result. This is a very special event for me, with one of the best waves in the world and all the competitors giving their best," expressed Duru.

"This wave is very hard and powerful, but it's perfect. I've been invited to compete before, and that has helped me understand the wave and know how to deal with it."

"It's really a dream - it forms a perfect tube."

Amaury Lavernhe: the French bodyboarding won his fourth Quemao Class title | Photo: Quemao Class

Number Four for Lavernhe

The bodyboarding final saw Amaury Lavernhe, Alex Uranga, Willian Lujan, and Ethan Capdeville battling it out for the trophy in memory of David "El Fula" Infante.

Finally, it was Amaury Lavernhe who, leading from the beginning of the competition, took the title of champion of the Lanzarote Quemao Class.

"I can't believe it. We always look forward to this event because we know that when it works out, we will have exceptional waves," said Lavernhe.

"Every year, there are new people, like William Lujan or Ethan Capdeville, and not so new, like Alex Uranga, who know the wave well and pose a challenge."

"The conditions have been incredible. We are with Mother Nature for this event and are very privileged to have been invited."

Amaury Lavernhe is now a four-time Quemao Class champion.

"It is true that the biggest wave in the world is in Nazaré, but the most perfect tube in Europe is here in Tinajo, Lanzarote," concluded the governor of Lanzarote, Oswaldo Betancort.

2023 Lanzarote Quemao Class | Finals


1. Joan Duru (FRA)
2. Sam Piter (FRA)
3. João Mendonça (POR)
4. Aritz Aranburu (EUK)


1. Amaury Lavernhe (REU)
2. Alex Uranga (EUK)
3. William Lujan (CNY)
4. Ethan Capdeville (FRA)

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