LED surfboards: prepare to take off with flight commander Tiago Pires

The surfing world is changing at the speed of light. After having introduced GPS speed monitoring in the surfers' jerseys, the wave sport is definitely pushing the limits of technology.

When the lights go out all over Europe, the old continent surfer keeps riding waves until the past midnight.

Pukas, a European leading surfboard brand, has developed a commercial version of night surfing gear. Would you enjoy surfing your favorite spot under the moonlight?

Are you interested in surfing big waves in the complete darkness, just like Mark Visser did?

Well, meet the surfboards with built-in LED lights, embedded under the glass and foam. Pukas is trying out surfboards with rechargeable batteries and remote control, just like the lights of the Christmas trees.

There are a limited number of units available, but if commercially successful these LED surfboards will be part of the surf shops' rack.

Pukas says you're not going to find them in stores, in supermarkets or eBay, as for the first edition only four boards were produced. The first one was tested in a surfing night session at Zarautz, Spain. Tiago Pires, Joan Duru and Aritz Aranburu tested the other three.

The flashing LED light surfboards will surely be a huge success. Now, there are no reasons why a surfer can't enjoy the pleasures of night surfing, from sunset till dawn.

Watch the LED light surfing experience.

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