Kiwi surfers ride foamy waves in Karitane

September 29, 2012 | Surfing
Foam surfing: Karitane waves get fluffy

Karitane surfers have experienced foam surfing, as the New Zealand surf spot got infested by fluffy-covered waves.

A large amount of thick brown foam has invaded the line-up. New Zealand surfers have ridden unusual waves with a 330ft area covered up with a strange happening.

But these murky waves have an explanation. The region of Karitane has been suffering severe floodings and flood water has been coming out into the sea.

It was not possible surf the foam for a long time. As time passed by and a large swell kicked in, it gradually disintegrated and waves were clean again.

The unusual surf foam might have two origins. It can be a micro algae that produces gases or the mix of agricultural run-off and over-flow from sewage treatment plants.

Karitane is a small seaside village located in the Southeast of New Zealand.