Surf Wax: say green if you're green | Photo: JFSeven

Surf wax is far away from being green and eco-friendly. An independent French laboratory has studied surfboard waxes that claim to be green, and the results cause concern.

In the last three years, the wax brands launched green formulas that claim to be organic and natural, which means free from petrochemical ingredients.

Rescoll developed a chemical screening of the surf wax companies: Matunas, Greenfix, Terrawax, Ransom, Famous Green Label, and Sticky Bumps Soy Wax.

The results are outstanding.

Half of the tested waxes are mainly constituted by ingredients from petrochemical origin (Matunas, Terra Wax, Ransom), two waxes are mainly constituted by ingredients from natural origin (Sticky Bumps Soy Wax, Famous Green Label), and only one is exclusively constituted by ingredients from natural origin (GreenFix).

This analysis underlines that major organic constituents of this wax are of petrochemical origin, for instance, paraffin and mineral oils.

So, there's a lot to be done to improve the ecological footprint of today's surf waxes, and if you claim to be green, you have to honor your client's choice.

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