Second Life: virtual surfer girls are cute | Image: Marianna Monentes/Boracay Islands

They have sponsors, rankings, a rulebook and even a board of directors. Meet the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA).

Confused? Well, these days everything is possible. If your favorite surf spot is on flat days, why don’t you try virtual surfing?

Second Life has grown so much you can actually live another "life" in this virtual world. With surfing, it's exactly the same. Even if you have never surfed a real wave, you can be a pro in the electronic environment.

The SLSA's mission statement is so much fun.

"The Second Life Surfing Association (herein known as “SLSA”) is the governing authority for surfing and surfing-related events throughout Second Life (herein known as “SL”).

The SLSA governs competitions; promotes surfing and surf-related sports; and provides guidance and advice to its members on matters such as competition organization, judging, and sport instruction".

Just like in real life. It is fair to say that the SLSA is the International Surfing Association (ISA) of the electronic world. The SLSA season events are professionally organized and deliver virtual prize-money for the best surfers: Linden Dollars (L$).

Actually, there are thousands of surfers in Second Life. They can be often seen in the best surf spots of that virtual planet. Playa Sol Manañero, Kapu Kai, Bundoran Reef, Monkey Cove and Tsunami Beach host "pro" SL surfing competitions.

So, if you' enjoy becoming a 10-time Second Life world champion, check out the SLSA official website and SurfWatch, a 100% Second Life surfing blog where you can discuss the pain you've felt after a digital wipe-out.

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