The classic boardshorts by Greg Noll

March 7, 2012 | Surfing
Greg Noll: signed boardshorts not for eBay

Noll Surfboards, the surf brand founded in 1951 by Greg Noll, announced an exclusive collaboration with Billabong for summer 2012. The new line is based on the historic surf lifestyles surrounding the original big wave legend Greg "Da Bull" Noll and his son, acclaimed surfboard shaper Jed Noll.

Greg Noll's unrivaled bravado in giant waves in the 1950s and 1960s along Oahu's North Shore created one of the most powerful auras the sport has ever known.

Noll was the first surfer to establish a "trademark" look by wearing black and white striped "Jail House" trunks which made him instantly recognizable as he boldly blazed a trail for generations of surfers, yet to come, at epic spots like Waimea Bay, Outside Pipeline and Makaha.

The new line is designed to bring back the stoke of the Do-It-Yourself era when surfboards were carved by hand and California surfers created their own youthful look by blending Hawaiian Beach Boy style, Hot Rod culture, and Beat Generation independence.

"When you think about it, it's pretty damn cool that we're working with an industry classic like Billabong, originating from Australia," says Greg Noll.

"I first visited Melbourne and Torquay for the 1956 Olympic Games. We brought the first modern-day Malibu-style boards with us, and I saw the beginnings of the surf industry there".

"I've always felt that surfboards are the cornerstone of surfing and the surf industry," said Paul Naudé, President of Billabong North America.

"We're honored to be collaborating with Greg and Jed through Noll Surfboards, one of the most iconic surfboard brands in the history of surfing, in producing an eclectic line of cool products that will create a lot of excitement in the market this summer."

The Noll Surfboards apparel line will be in stores in March and will feature a ten-piece collection including boardshorts, t-shirts, tank tops, walk shorts, and a special run of 200 Limited Edition signed and numbered "Jail House" striped trunks that will be auctioned exclusively online starting March 22 through to April 4.

Watch Greg Noll explaining why his boardshorts last forever.

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