Hawaii Surf Simulator: lo-fi indoor surfing experience

Surfers are used to creative gadgets that enhance their wave-riding experience. After artificial wave pools and LED surfboards, welcome to the world of surfing simulators.

A Hawaiian company has developed what they call the world's first genuine surf simulators and stand-up paddle surf trainers.

The Hawaii Surf Sim group developed a technology that allows everyone to actually play live along with the person who is on the surf simulator.

Secretly, they can use their cell phone to join in the game and annoy the surfer.

The combination of education and cell phone participation introduces a huge swell of advertising potential applications - gathering emails and cell phone information for post-marketing and promotions.

The full-scaled surf simulators rest only a couple of inches above the ground and develop core physical balance - the use of muscles that strengthen balance and overall fitness.

You can't drown or get eaten by a real shark, but you sure can work up a sweat while carving 30-foot virtual video waves.

Participants stand on various-sized surfboards fitted with electronic gyros and electronics that sense movement and balance performance by the rider.

By leaning left and right, forward, backward, or remaining in a neutral balanced position, players carve deep blue waves and get "locked into the pipeline tube" action on a video monitor or screen.

Surfing Anywhere

The challenge is to score points by staying on the face of the wave, getting out and into the barrel, or doing wild aerials.

All of this takes place in a matter of minutes, and riders as old as 5 and as young as 75 love virtual surfing anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

The system is totally portable, fits in a compact car, and is easy to transport and set up within 15 minutes or less.

The "Virtual Electronic Hawaiian Surfboard" hooks up to any laptop and to any sized monitor, projection screen, etc.

Each customized game provided on a USB thumb drive is secure-proof as it can only be activated remotely and audited by the company in Hawaii via password and codes.

This allows for quick updates and scorekeeping.

ABC Television, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Sony Entertainment, Sheraton and Mariott Hotels, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy have either purchased or rented the interactive surf simulator.

Watch the Hawaiian Surf Simulator.

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