The Surfer: we are stoked

"The Surfer" video game will be released for PC and PlayStation 3 between October 2011 and March 2011. Bungarra has announced that this surfing game will be the closest thing to being on a surfboard.

The game features a new cast of hardcore surfers, over-the-top levels, as well as dynamic in-game cameras that capture and deliver the most authentic surfing video game experience to date.

"The Surfer" delivers the feel of surfing through innovative controls, authentic cameras, and incredible levels.

"Our game offers an arcade-based surfing paradise for both surfers and gamers in search of the definitive authentic surfing video game experience," says Andrew West, Development Director at Bungarra Software.

"We’re focused on capturing the actual feeling of surfing with the innovative control system, the physics-driven animations, and the sharp cameras, all working together to really deliver the closest thing to riding a wave."

The game's unique control scheme captures the true feel of surfing versus the skateboard-derivative-inspired gameplay of past surfing games.

Featuring physics-driven animations, gamers will have a unique gaming experience every time they pick up the controller since no two waves or moves will ever be the same.

"The Surfer" delivers all the arcade fun, creativity, and culture of surfing without the years of paddling, duck-diving, and big wave pummeling associated with the sport.

The new video game has not yet been rated by the ACB, PEGI, or ESRB.

Meanwhile, enjoy our online surfing games.

Update: "The Surfer" has been released for PC. Discover more about the game.

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