Wave House: the artificial waves are making a splash in Sentosa, Singapore

"There are no waves for surfing in Singapore!" For many years, that has been a true statement.

An island at the tip of Malaysia, Singapore is east of the giant landmass of Sumatra and is perfectly situated to be a crossroads for surfers traveling to and from Indonesia and the Mentawai Islands.

But because it is in the Singapore Strait and far from the open ocean, Singapore is shadowed from any swell exposure, and until now, the only waves breaking along the shores of this Asian metropolis are the wakes from the thousands of cargo and passenger ships coming and going.

But what nature cannot bring to Singapore, man has, now that Wave House Sentosa is scheduled to open in October of 2009.

Singapore is a large island just off the Malaysian Peninsula, and Sentosa is a smaller island just off Singapore.

Less than three miles long and two miles wide, Sentosa is loaded with fun in many forms, and some call the island “The Orlando of Asia.”

Hotels, theme parks, golf courses, beaches natural and man-made, Sentosa has shopping and attractions that include Tiger Sky Tower, Butterfly Park, Insect Kingdom, Underwater World, and Dolphin Lagoon, Songs of the Sea, and many other wonders.

Wave House Singapore is the latest wonder, which will feature a FlowBarrel and a FlowRider at the center of a music, entertainment, and retail complex.

The main attraction at Wave House Sentosa will be a left-breaking FlowBarrel, similar to the Bruticus Maximus at Wave House San Diego.

There will also be a double FlowRider, and these attractions are guaranteed to be non-stop popular from the break of dawn until the witching hour, as there are thousands of wave-starved residents of Singapore who can’t always fly to the Indian Ocean, but who can make the short hop to Wave House Sentosa to get their mojo flowing.

Wave House Sentosa is scheduled to open in October 2009, adding another island to the Wave House archipelago and bringing the total number to four: Wave House Durban, Wave House San Diego, Wave House Santiago, and now a Wave House on Sentosa: “The island of peace and tranquility.”

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